Pre-Legal Notice

This service is only for business to business debts (non consumer) - debts regulated under Consumer Credit Act 1974 cannot be accepted.

hmcsThis collection option is a “Last Chance” option to your debtor. In practice, this service means your debtor will receive a 7 day legal notice from a debt collector. The message to your debtor is, pay up, or we sue. This can often be the warning that gets you your payment.
*Please note there is absolutely no obligation to pursue legally.

Once you proceed to the next stage, we will require complete details of the debt. Obviously, you

will need to have the full address details of the debtor.

We will also require your details.

As soon as this is completed and the payment processed, the notice will be sent.

This should hopefully be sufficient to recover your debt.

We do not collect monies on behalf of clients and instruct debtors to pay you directly thereby providing creditors extra protection and without the need to wait any longer for their money.
Any compensation you are due is added to the debt and yours. Under the Late Payment of Commercial Act 1998 and as amended by the Late payment of Commercial Debt Regulations 2013 late payment charges can be added to the debt.